Wealth Management


At HKA (FS) Ltd we offer holistic financial advice, which means that we consider all of your needs, circumstances and financial objectives.  We then gear our advice to meet those needs and objectives, both in the short and longer term.


For the majority of clients they need to invest for growth or income in the most tax efficient way.  For tax efficiency we recommend use of the most common tax wrappers such as Pensions, ISA’s, Capital Investment Bonds and unwrapped accounts.


Not only can we save our clients money by selecting the appropriate tax wrapper, we also have a strong focus on providing a reliable investment service.  We have adopted an investment process and portfolio review service using a passive investment style, which we feel is simple, cost effective and used to best effect in conjunction with an Investment Administration Platform.


So for tax efficiency we use appropriate tax wrappers, and to provide growth we research and select the best investment solutions relating to an individuals required tolerance for risk. 


For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.